Tuesday, January 19, 2010

movin' out

i'm moving.  this blog site was nice and cozy, but it wasn't for me, not for the long term obviously.  when i decided to blog, it was only a few days before the new year.  i was ambitious and decided to get my page up and running with my first post on the first day of 2010.  could you think of a better day?  of course, i didn't have all day or all night to set it up.  so i went with what came to mind first - the title, URL addy (well, it was the first one available - how many families with our last name have triplets?), and the template (it must've been the holidays that coerced me into the green layout, although i shortly changed it to blue - did you notice?  probably not.).  to my own surprise, i was often re-evaluating this page, adding and subtracting widgets and things constantly.  (you might suspect that i've become obsessed, but i'll downright deny it!)  after a few weeks, though, the page still didn't sit right with me.  so i decided to relocate and redecorate.  from here on, you'll be able to find me at

it's title is more suitable for me, the URL addy easier for others to remember, and the layout more pleasing to the eye.  check it out, i think you'll agree.

btw, thanks for visiting me here.  hope to see you there!