Friday, January 1, 2010

new year, new blog

i decided to start off my 2010 with a blog. not sure why yet. its been on my mind for the last few years. ive been to many mommy blog sites, especially ones with multiples, and a couple of years ago, i thought i should try it. it would be a great way to let families and friends know how and what we're doing. if mommies of triplets and more can do it, i can too! but i quickly put it out of my head. i tried to think of something to write about, the only thing that would pop out of my mind was a blank page. i just didnt have the time or energy. two or three years earlier, if you asked me something after ive put my sons to bed, i wouldve looked at you with confusion and responded, "huh?".

then last year i did up a newsletter of our autumn events and activities and emailed them to family and friends. it was surprisingly easy, and i managed to finish it within a week. i received raved reviews. it was supposed to be an on-going quaterly thing until a friend suggested that i do a ... you guessed it, blog. she thought what i did in the newsletter was worth doing on the internet. i was shocked by her compliment, though thrilled and excited.

so on the free blog searches and pages i went. i signed up for a few - maybe a handful, i dont remember which ones they were. unfortunately, i was quickly discouraged. i didnt have the kind of control and freedom i wanted with the layouts. pictures would appear too big or too small. i was limited to pasting or including things on one side of the page but not the other. i dont know, there were just these little things that irritated me. but a free page is a free page, right? what more could i ask for? and that was that.

then i saw the movie Julie and Julia a few nights ago. loved it! it was cute, and a really down-to-earth success story, the kind that anyone could truly live - not one of those success stories that happens to only one in a gazillion people. anyway, so the movie brought me back to the blog thing again. it was my inspiration, if you want to call it that.

unlike julie powell, though, im not a writer. i really dont know how to write - at least not well enough to believe that i can captivate an audience. the only experience ive had were with school newspapers and yearbooks, which were XX years ago. what good is that? heck, im not even a conversationalist. i am the listener. the one who maintains the eye-contact, nods, asks questions, and giggles or laughs (depending on what i think is expected of me) on cue. i dont volunteer or divulge much information. i dont know how to be clever, witty, humorous, or sarcastic either.

julie powell also had a project to blog about. i dont have a specific goal or subject. no special talent or skill. no "wow" experience or knowledge to share. my life is pretty ordinary. its just me, my husband, our three sons, and our (boy) dog. dont get me wrong, i love and appreciate this life of mine. the question is, will everyone else?

as the saying goes, "you wont know until you try" or something like that. so, here i am world ... hit me!


aygoldgist said...

So far so good, Elsie. I thought "Julie and Julia" may have been your inspiration. Is the all downstyle (no capitals to begin sentences) intentional and for ease of typing? Sorry, I'm an old-style editor. I'll share you on my FB page.

Love, Aunt Arlene

Sally said...

El, I love your blog. It will be fun to participate in its development.
btw, you are a natural writer!
We enjoyed Julie & Julia,too. I like your take on it.
I know you've been considering career change etc.
So maybe this blog will prod that "project".

<3 Sally

the gists said...

yes, the lower case is my preference, particularly for ease. :)

thanks to both of you for your compliments and words of encouragement!