Sunday, January 3, 2010


sure, why not? new year, new you, right? i havent invested much effort into resolutions over the last several years, though. that sounds horrible, i know, but really, they take a lot of work. to achieve the initial goal in the new year may vary in levels of difficulty, but most resolutions require maintenance for a lifetime. say i wanted and needed to get fit. sure, i could get my body mass to where it needs to be within the year, then what? let it all go? nooo ... well, i shouldnt. id have to keep fit for the rest of my days on earth; otherwise, whats the point? been there, done that. no thanks. (feel free to argue with me on this one.) so, i figure ill just tackle each issue of my life one at a time, at my own pace, when im good and ready. ... apparently, im ready to tackle one now.

here is mine:
more time for me
jason, my family, and a handful of friends (you know who your are *hugs*) have provided me with opportunities to make this possible. still, its not the easiest thing for me to actually do. if i run errands or take care of responsibilities when others are with the boys, then fine. but everytime i choose a leisurely outing, guilt follows me out the door! its as if, when i close the door behind me, i can hear my children scratching, pounding, and pleading, "mommy, dont leave! how dare you go out and enjoy yourself without us!" of course, that never happens and when i return home, the boys are perfectly okay. i know, i know, ... so whats the problem, right?

one of jasons:
no procrastination
i asked him in regards to what, and he said "everything". wow! i suggested that he be more specific about it because to not procrastinate on anything is huge! you might as well not have any other resolutions on your list for the next few years with that one! we have triplets who only attend school a few hours a day three times a week. jason works full time and attends college at least half-time. i work part-time. we dont have daily help with the kids or the household. with all of that said, somethings gotta give.

jason, on the other hand, is an overachiever at the beginning of everything. he likes to start off with a clean slate and try his best to keep it that way. good luck, hon! im behind you!

to the rest of you with resolutions: i wish you the best!

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